Need copy for your project's white paper, promotional video, or website? Maybe you need blockchain-specific content for review websites or your blog?

I’m Tim Atkins, and I provide copy that communicates clearly with the target audiences of your blockchain project. You probably already know that you need a good writer, but if you’re going to get the results you desire, you need a blockchain writer with industry knowledge.

I'm a blockchain copywriter that understands the industry, will understand your business, and someone that can make your message compelling to your target audiences.


Launching an ICO? Maybe you own a cryptocurrency news website? As a blockchain copywriter with a passion for cryptocurrency, I study the latest cryptocurrency projects and provide in-depth reviews. I look deep into the: Team, roadmap, whitepaper, website, and more.

The backbone to your business and one of the biggest factors in ICO success.

What's the industry problem? How will it be solved? These are questions that I love to solve and write about.

I offer my blockchain white paper copywriting service in two formats:

Full Service – This can include the following: Creating a plan, conducting interviews, running the project, page design, SEO, graphics, and more.

Text Only – This involves researching and putting together an in-depth text document.

Hire an ICO white paper copywriter that has extensive experience writing white papers and development plans. Contact me today and tell me about your requirements. I will let you know what I can do for you and give you a free quote.

Articles, blog posts, website content, and more! I use my blockchain knowledge to provide you with professional content that helps you to grow your community across different social mediums: Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, news websites, BitcoinTalk, Quora, Medium, Reddit, etc. The result? An engaged target audience and loyal investors to your ICO/business. Finding a cryptocurrency writer who can understand the technicalities of your project can be tricky. However, when you work with TBC, you’re not hiring an “average” freelancer. You’re hiring a copywriter with extensive blockchain experience.
I conduct edits and rewrites to improve the clarity, flow, and organization of your content. The result? Copy that gets results.
Want to release your news to the world? Make sure to hire a professional PR writer with experience in the crypto-space! Media coverage of your latest events can build substantial interest in your project and improve search engine optimisation (SEO). As a blockchain PR copywriter, I've written press releases for dozens of cryptocurrency clients - Writing headlines that grab the reader’s attention, delivering content that engages with the audience, and crafting stories that get picked up and published around the web.